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We connect market-leading companies with opportunities in other countries.

We create partnerships for innovation across borders.

We bring investment alternatives.

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squnq works LLC is the operating company of squnq capital LLC, with offices in London, Singapore and Dubai.

Our partners have wide international experience, gained in various continents and in developed and emerging market dynamics.

We focus on few companies at one time, personally vetting their experience and potential.

We search for companies with market-leader positions and at least one demonstrable  factor of differentiation.

We invest in these companies as shareholders, so you know we are in it with you.

We don’t mass market our companies, we diligently seek for a perfect transnational and mutually beneficial fit.

we are your partners in bringing new skills from other markets

In the industries in which we own a company we bring market-leading features and business drivers that you can replicate in your company through licensing or partnership.

we bring you investment opportunities

Some of our clients did not work in the same industry as our companies, yet saw their value and joined forces through equity or distribution partnerships.

Our Current Portfolio

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These companies have met our criteria for cross-border cooperation, due to their innovative intellectual property and home market strength ready to be deployed in other geographies.

three steps to success

We Cooperate Every Step Of The Way

We will discuss with you how and if our portfolio companies can make a difference in your market, will agree with you pilots as required and will partner to ensure mutually beneficial commercial terms. You can also invest in our companies in equity or partnership agreements.


Learning about your needs and assessing the fit

We start by discussing your needs vis-à-vis our firms and whether to cooperate or invest


Pairing you with our company in your industry

If a fit seems feasible we mutually agree how to test this  economically


Joining as client or investor

It only works if it works for both sides over the long term, so our deal has to bring you value

Learn All About Our Leaders

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Worked 20 years for Citibank, in country positions (Brazil, United States, Belgium and Poland), regional roles (Latin America, North America, EMEA, Eastern Europe) and ran the CitiGold business globally across 42 countries. Senior Director in Poland's Bank Millennium, Director in Deloitte Strategy Advisory Europe, Chief Strategy Officer of Deem Finance in Dubai. Is a Fellow at the U.K.’s Royal Chartered Institute of Marketing, a member of Denmark‘s Interaction Design Foundation, a regular contributor to the US edition of Forbes magazine and a director at Squnq Works LLC.

Roy Hutchinson

Chartered Accountant in England and Wales, and Chartered Accountant by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants. Managing Director of Squnq Works Ltd since April 2018. CEO and Founder of the WCL Investment Trust, which invests in SME, property development/management, entrepreneurship and support for non-profits in Southern and Eastern Africa. CFO of Voxtrain Ltd, an online music provider in Berlin. Country Director (Malawi & Mozambique) for NCMI and Co-Founder and Director at Highveld Personnel in South Africa.

Wynand Lindeque

Managing Director

We are easy to reach

London: Wynand Lindeque

2 Willow Terrace, Gibbon Road, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, KT2 6AL, United Kingdom

Phone: 00-44-7757-772308

email: wynand@squnq.works                                           

Dubai: Roy Hutchinson

Villa 19, street 16, Municipality 51, Dubai, UAE

Phone: 00-971-54-770-1808

email: roy@squnq.work



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The best way to explore whether our companies are a good opportunity for your business is to talk in more detail. If we meet on Zoom, Teams, or any platform of your choice we will be happy to hear from you and share our views.

Ask Us Anything. anytime.

We love to exchange ideas and foster cooperation between companies that otherwise would not meet. We also like to have our brains picked, so test your ideas with us.